How Will my Face Look After Treatment After Pulling 6 Teeth?

I went to my orthodontist yesterday to see the xray and the molding of my teeth. She told me that in order for my teeth to be aligned, I need to have four of my teeth pulled which is 2 teeth up and down after the teeth that looks like a fang and two of my wisdom teeth. I am pretty aware that she needs to pull them out to make room for the other teeth to move. Now, my concern is that after the treatment, I am afraid that my facial structure will change. What will happen to my lips and jaw? Help!

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Profile and features can change after oral surgery/orthodontics

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Quite frequently the facial features will change after orthodontics.  Removing too many teeth can cause the face to "cave in", however, leaving too many teeth can give the mouth a "cow catcher" appearance.  If you have concerns you should consult with several different orthodontists to get other opinions.  Xrays and growth pattern studies are sometimes useful in predicting the outcome of removing vs. keeping the teeth.  My suggestion is to find an orthodontist who can show you pictures of a case similar to yours and what the before and after pictures looked like.  Have them tell you their philosophy on keeping vs. extracting teeth.  Also, find out which orthodontists treat local dentists and their children.


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How Will Face Look After Pulling 6 Teeth for Ortho

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I have no problem with extracting wisdom teeth prior to orthodontics. I do have a problem with orthodontists that "routinely" extract 4 bicuspid teeth, just to make the orthodontic treatment proceed quicker and easier. In trhe long run, that will result in a narrower dental arch which could have detrimental effects on your breathing, snoring, sleep apnea, TMJ symptoms, gringing and clenching! Try to have the orthodontist consider expanding your palate instead of extracting the bicuspids!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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