My Eyes Are Unsymmetrical After an Upper Blepharoplasty 3 Weeks Ago?

I had an upper blepharoplasty almost 3 weeks ago and my eyes are unsymmetrical as you can see . I know it's still bruised but the scar looks too high and it feels tight when i raise my eyebrow . That side of my face is still bruised and I am having headaches over my eye . I did speak to the surgeon who says it will be fine and will just take time but I am really worried .

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Asymmetries after surgery

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I want to encourage you to give things some time. You are still swollen, and that means many things will change before you are done healing. There are often asymmetries with respect to the amount swelling and the rate of healing between the eyes. Three weeks is still very early after a blepharoplasty. Swelling will continue to resolve and suture lines will continue to improve in appearance for several months.

There is a possibility that you either have some underlying asymmetry (present before surgery), or some asymmetry from the surgery itself, but it is too soon to tell what your final result will be. Other than giving things time, you can visit with your surgeon again and ask if massage is appropriate for the area, as this can sometimes help improve swelling and tightness.

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Upper Lid Blepharoplasty uneven

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Hello Larina

There are many factors that could be involved here. It is difficult to tell from your camera shot. Also, what did you have there before the surgery? And. of course, it is only 3 weeks.

So, you trusted your Plastic Surgeon to do the surgery. Your best option is to speak with him, not a website. Go back and talk to him about your concerns.

Communication is the key to so many things. And it is the same in my line of work.

I wish you well.

Asymmetric Upper Eyelid Scars

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The scar on the right side (as I am looking AT the photo) does look a little higher, and it certainly is possible that the excision of skin was a little higher on this side and/or that a little more skin was removed from this side. However, one thing that makes it look worse in this photograph is that you are using a non-professional camera/lens system that, on close-up photography, makes whatever is closer to the lens seems significantly larger , exaggerating the asymmetries -- and it does seem like your head is slightly turned with the concerning eyelid being closer to the lens.

Regardless, little asymmetries like this are rarely problematic. First of all, the scar will tend to blend in and be less and less noticable as time goes on. In addition, people will only see it when you are intentionally showing it to them with your eyes closed, or if they are examining your eyes while you're sleeping (which would be kinda creepy for them to be doing). Otherwise, the scar should be hidden within the depth of your upper eyelid crease when the eyes are open and a blink is too fast for them to notice it during the blink. The tightness you feel should also improve and relax as time goes on and as swelling continues to go down. I doubt that the headaches are related.

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