What treatment would you recommend for my uneven eyes? (photo)

My eyes are very uneven and I'm very conscious about it. My mom told me I got it from my grandmother, which means it's hereditary. From what I can remember, it wasn't that noticable.Is there anything that can help to fix this?

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It is usual to have a difference of the 2 eyes?

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Hardly  anybody has their 2 eyes exactly the same. Just look at the newsreaders on television and you when you think about it you will realize that you look into one of the newsreaders eyes, the more powerful one. That is the way the eyes work.
The difference between the 2 sides is usually minimal in the teen years and the difference tends to increase over the years.
When looking at the photo of your lids the right eye overall sits fractionally lower than the left side (usual), yet on both sides, the upper and lower lids cross over the eyeballs at the same level.
The upper lid fold seems to go deeper on the left than the right. However, this may well be a distortion from the photography, as the amateur lighting is flooding the right eye in light and keeping the left side in shadow. When there is a slight difference and you are looking to confirm this, the quality of photography can make the difference.

The fact that your grandmother had this is typical, as we inherit our bone structure from one of our relatives and the bone structure of the face follows a family pattern.
The difference is too small to justify doing anything about this, although I suspect some colleagues would offer a tiny dose of filler to the smaller side. Once you know that it is normal to have a slight difference you should stop from worrying about something that other people do not notice.

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