Why Are my Eyes Uneven? What Procedures Can Be Done to Fix It? What Can Be Done for an Asymmetrical Face and Eyes? (photo)

My right eye seems b lower than my left eye as u can see in the picture. Im not sure what procedures or methods to take. So im curious to know, because sometimes it even makes me looked cross eyed, even my right nostril is HIGHER THAN THE LEFT NOSTRIL, Maybe i had a stroke and didnt know or do i need glasses. I just wanna know what type of surgery do i need. I have the money $$$ to pay for any procedure. I just want a very good Physician any one cant get on my face. Im in Chicago but will travel.

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Asymmetrical Face Corrections

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You need a careful facial examination and analysis as many of your asymmetrical facial concerns are modest in magnitude. Whether any of them are worthwhile to undergo surgery needs to have a good discussion as to options, expectations and risks.


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Lot of excellent questions:  I recommend a free consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon who will address each question in detail, in person.

Robert Shumway, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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