Can my Eyes Get Smaller? Without Raising the External Canthus? (photo)

I just had an appointment with a surgeon. I asked him what can I do to have smaller eyes, to have " the narrowing eyes effect" like jessica lowndes (I think she had cosmetic eyes surgery). I have "round eyes" (pictures). He answered me that he can't do anything for me except juvederm injections under my eyes. Is he right ? what kind of surgery jessica lowndes had ? (I don't want to raise the external canthus I just want to "stretch" the lower lash line). ps :sorry for my poor english I'm French

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You and your surgeon are barking up the wrong tree.

First the quality of the photos of yourself are very poor. It does not appear that the celebrity whose image you reference has had surgery. What you are looking at is a very attractive person with no upper eyelid ptosis so the eyebrows can ride close to the orbital rim. On the other hand one of your pictures suggest that you have a compensatory brow lift. This is generally stimulated by some degree of upper eyelid ptosis. Without better photos or an actual examine, it is hard to be more specific.

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