My eyes are now small, sunken in, hollowed with brow descent after upper Bleph. What can be done surgically to repair this?

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Brow changes after eyelid surgery

It sounds like your eyebrows may have had some pre-existing ptosis (drooping/sagging.)  While it is not mandatory to have undergone a brow lift - it sounds like the extra skin from the upper eyelid region that was removed may have been a little "too much."  Without a photos it is difficult to see, however this is my best guess from what you have provided.

I would recommend that you have your eyes evalauted by your surgeon, and even by an eye specialist to determine how "tight" your eyelids are and the degree to which you have brow ptosis.  A brow lift may be recommended if there is enough skin remianing in your upper eyelid region to do so safelfy.

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