My eyes slope into my nasal area? How can surgery bring them forward? (photo)

My eyes are sunken in from the corners; they go deep into the nose area, its hard to explain without photos, but it would be hard to tell in pictures. You can see it more when i close my eyes, the eyes just slide into my head towards the nose. I know surgeons couldnt probably bring them forward, but is there another procedure? I was thinking perhaps bone shaving would be the answer, am i right? i would go to any length and i'm not leaving them be. I know theres a problem, it makes me unhappy.

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Sloping Eyes

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You are correct. It is very difficult to diagnose your problem by the photo or your written description. Please consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

A filler, fat graft, or surgery may be a viable modality but it is impossible to say without a consultation.

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