My Eyes Have Different Sizes? (photo)

As you can see in the picture,my eyes are of different sizes and it makes me feel self-conscious.When I frown,one eyebrow is also a little higher than the other.When I smile widely,I only appear to have one eyebag too.What is the reason behind this? :(

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Asymmetry of eyes

The two sides of your face are never the same. If you look at anyone closely there are differences between the two sides. I, myself, have one eyelid that lies lower than the other making one eye appear smaller. These differences are most noticeable around the eyes. The differences can be explained from development as an infant. The two sides of the body develop from similar but distinct cells creating minor differences between the two sides which continue as you mature as a child into adulthood.

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Different sized eyes

The comments on your eyes are very common. Your eye appearance is due to the size of your bone structure, the position of your eye with respect to the eye socket (vector), and the contents of your globe. None of these features need to be even on each side.Take a good look at the appearance of your news analysts sometime and look at each side of their faces. You will see an asymmetry in everyone. Don't let this bother you. Your facial balance is what make you so unique. All the best.

Thomas A. Narsete, MD
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Different sized eyes

It is not unusual to have some slight difference from one side to the other, in regards to eyes and even the face in general.  There is no treatment indicated for the amount of small difference between your eyes.  I doubt that anyone else would notice a difference but yourself, since you look at your face in detail more than anyone else would.   

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No person has perfectly symmetrical eyes.

The asymmetry pictured is extremely modest and is not worthy of surgical correction. Examined critically asymmetries can be found in any person's eyes.

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