My Eyes Are Severly Asymetrical Can Anything Be Done? (photo)

My right eye sits low in the socket plus it is smaller than the left and my upper lid hangs as well, it looks as if it is closed most of the time, i am nearly blind in this eye because of the asymetrical severity and it ever learned to work with the other eye. It has affected my self esteem for many years and i can tell you there is no amount i wouldnt spend to fix it.

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It is difficult to assess your asymmetry with the photos that were provided. Your best bet is to find a plastic surgeon who is experience in the field of eyelid surgery so it can be assessed accurately. Your problem may be a simple as raiding an eyebrow or excising skin and fat from one of your lids. You have a problem that must be examined by a personal consultation.

Good luck.

Blepharoplasty for asymmetrical eyelids

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 Many patients have asymmetrical eyelids due to the excess skin and fat on one side versus the other. An asymmetrical blepharoplasty can make the eyelids look more symmetrical which we have we performed  many times in our practice.

William Portuese, MD
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Orbital/eye asymmetry

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Even though the quality of the photos is not great, the asymmetry is appreciable. I would recommend an evaluation  by an Oculofacial/Orbital surgeon. You need to have a CT scan of your orbits to evaluate both the bony and soft tissue anatomy of your eye sockets.

I have provided a link below to find an ASOPRS trained surgeon near you.

Good luck

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Surgical Correction of Orbital Dystopia

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Small amounts of eye asymmetry can be treated by orbital floor and rim augmentation. (building it up) However, by pushing up the eye this will make the upper eyelid look even lower so it would have to be managed either at the same time or secondarily. Better pictures of your eyes are needed and a 3D CT scan would also be helpful in the surgical planning.

My Eyes Are Severly Asymetrical Can Anything Be Done?

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Unfortunately, the photos you've provided don't provide enough detail to determine exactly what the issues are. If you're having visual problems you would be well served by consulting with an ophthalmologist to evaluate your vision. If your vision concerns result from the extra tissue or drooping of your eyelid, this can be treated by an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon or Oculoplastic Surgeon. However, given your concerns about your vision on that side, the best initial step would be to have your vision evaluated by an Ophthalmologist. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

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