Does My Eyes Look Normal After Lower Bleph? (photo)

It has been 12 days since my lower blepharoplasty. My eyes are dark and there is a bruise on my right eye that has not faded yet like the other bruises. Are the dark eyes and bruise normal? I had larger bruises that have faded and now I'm concerned about the dark eyes. I'm hoping that they are not permanent. Also, do you think too much fat was removed? I'm wondering if my eyes are looking hollow. Please advise. By the way, I am in no pain and had very little bleeding the day after surgery.

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Be patient

It is way to early after surgery for you to worry about asymmetry. There is significant swelling in the first two weeks after surgery, and sometimes even longer than that. Furthermore, surgical scar will evolve and soften over a period of months. I would not consider revision surgery on anyone until the 3 month post operative visit, and sometimes even longer than that. Scars can mature for up to a year after surgery. Please be patient with your body and let it heal.

Sometimes pigment changes after bruising can be present which take a few months to resolve. You are doing just patient.

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Bruising after lower lid blepharoplasty

It is common to see a small amount of bruising at the lower corner of the eye sockets at 12 days after surgery. It appears that you had a transconjunctival approach (through the inside of the eyelid) and that often leads to less bruising on the surface. However, as the bruising from the fat pads inside the eyelid break up, there are certain characteristic collection points such as the corner of the eye socket. Using a warm compress or topical Arnica Montana gel may help speed the recovery. However, it will improve with time.

As for too much fat removal, it is still very early to evaluate for hollowing. I would wait for at least 6 months after surgery to really decide.

Gregory J. Vipond, MD, FRCSC
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Does My Eyes Look Normal After Lower Bleph?

Appears as a very very good early result as seen in the posted photos. Be more patient for at 12 days very early in healing phase of your recovery. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Your Swelling and Bruising Are Normal 2 Weeks After Blepharoplasty

Your eyes look very normal 12 days after a lower blepharoplasty. Realize that the eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in the body so that you are going to see every bit of swelling and bruising until it is all gone. It will take at least several months for all the bruising and swelling to completely resolve. As for your question about the hollowness, it is impossible to tell at this point given the swelling present. Why worry about things that may never be an issue. Be patient and take heart- for just 12 days after surgery, you actually look pretty good.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Are my eyes noraml after a Bleph?

Twelve days is still very early in the recovery process. I would tell you that your eyes will change significantly over the next few weeks, as will the discoloration that you do not like. Relax, follow your surgeons instructions and your results will come.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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