My Eyes Look Far Apart. Hypertelorism, Telecanthus? What Can Be Done? (photo)

My eyes are or look too far apart. I'm not sure what is the cause: is it my enormous, protruding nasal bone (or zygomatic orbits), narrow and wide spaced brows, eye shape or just plain pseudohypertelorism? As you can see in the pics, my intercanthal distance is more than 30mm, but then again my distant ipd is below 65mm, which is well within the norm. Are there any "simple" (in relation to cranio facial surgery) ways it can be fixed or do I need to seek for a help from craniofacial surgeon?

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Wide Eyed

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Consult with a Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon about your condition.  It is important to document any congenital issues with measurements.

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