My under eyes were hollow not bags. What was my plastic surgeon thinking when he injected me under my eyes?

I am so swollen under my eyes now, I bruised and he knew I had a photo shoot 2 days later as well as my sons wedding 4 weeks later as well. I asked for an eye brow raise. My eye brows are flat, eyes droop and my big consulation prize, a smooth forehead that DID NOT bother meany way. I am so upset for my son's wedding. I can text a picture from my cell phone.

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Appropriate Scheduling Of Aesthetic Procedures--Including Nonsurgical Procedures--Is Important For Patient Satisfaction

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of good doctor-patient communication in all spheres of medicine, including the field of nonsurgical or minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. While nonsurgical suggests quick, easy, and often dramatic, immediate results (as with nonsurgical nose jobs, cheek augmentation, jowl straightening, wrinklie removing, chin enhancing, etc), accompanied by little resulting downtime, this doesn't alwasy mean that there is no downtime or temporary unwanted consequences, such as bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, etc.,and this must be made perfectly clear by the treating physician. Some of these temporary problems may last from a few days to a few weeks. Patients should also be informed about the time frame for anticipating final results. Botox and other neuromodulators typically take up to a week (sometimes more) to begin to work. 

Since many of the problems mentioned above are relatively common and may result from either the injection pricks themselves, or the massage of the skin that might be needed to disperse and smooth the injected materials, it is important to schedule treatment appropriately. As a rule, it would be ill-advised to have any of these procedures done just a few days before any major event. At least a month before would be preferable. 

Discontinuation of the use of blood thinning agents, if otherwise medically permissible, and supplements should be instituted at least a week before treatment to reduce the chance of bruising. Certain areas, such as the thin area under the eyes, which have a particularly high likelihood of showing black and blue marks should certainly be scheduled sufficiently before a major event to allow for complete resolution. Exercise should also be avoided for a few days afterward. Treatment with Botox should also be timed long enough beforehand to account for healing and the onset of action of the material.

The point being that an experienced injector must share these considerations and concerns with his/her patients in advance of the treatment before proceeding to avoid, to whatever extent possible, aggravating situations as described in the question. . 

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