My Eyes/face Are Very Asymmetrical, Probably Due to Childhood Illness. Can I Be Helped? (photo)

I was constantly sick as a child. I had constant sinus infections and ear infections from a few weeks until I was in my teens. Over time, my face began to change. When I look at pictures taken when I was young, I had a round, very symmetrical face. I could close my lips without a struggle. Now, my face is long and very asymmetrical. I have polyps in my nose and am very obstructed even when I'm not sick. Can I be helped? Will insurance potentially pay for my treatment?

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Facial asymmetry unlikely due to sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis and polyps in the nose are unrelated to facial asymmetry.  The polyps in the nose are best treated with endoscopic sinus surgery which can improve the functionality of the sinuses.  Any associated deviated septum can be fixed as well to improve the airflow dynamics through the nose.  Turbinate hypertrophy is frequently addressed in this type of nose as well.  Surgery for sinus polyps is performed endoscopically and is done for medical necessity and billed to the patient’s medical insurance.  Any cosmetic surgery for facial asymmetry would have to be considered cosmetic and billed directly to the patient.

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