My Eyes Are Very Different Sizes and Shapes, Also I Can't Help Raising my Eyebrows? (photo)

I don't really know why this has happened I only recently(the past year) have noticed this because of my increase of social media sites. But wether I smile or open my mouth or any face my left eye is always smaller than my right

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Eyelid Ptosis

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Subtle eyelid ptosis will often look worse when smiling. Furthermore, if you have eye socket asymmetry, this can also exacerbate the overlying soft tissue asymmetry.

I would recommend an evaluation by an ASOPRS trained oculoplastics surgeon. You can find one close to you using the link below.

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Uneven eyes

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good morning JoJo

so it is difficult to say for sure because I have not seen you in person, but it could be possible that your left eye socket is deeper or larger than the right. As we age and fat volume atrophies and bone thins out the differences in the volume or shape of one eye socket compared to the other can become more noticeable. I've surgically address this type of issue several times and essentially requires that I augment the floor of the eye socket or as we refer to the orbit to raise and push the eyeball itself further forward to get two sides to match. Be warned, though inexperienced hands this is a reliable and relatively safe surgery, it is not to be taken lightly because it comes with some significant risks. These would include double vision that's permanent and potentially even blindness though I've never seen it occur.

the other important thing to consider is that there may be a medical reason for this and you really want to have that checked out by good ophthalmologist before you do anything else.

CT scans of the orbits sometimes are required to create a surgical plan and to ensure that there is no other disease process altering the shape of your eyes or the orbits.

Best of luck. Chase Lay MD

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You have left upper eyelid ptosis.

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This means drooping of the upper eyelid and it makes the eye look small.  Surgery is performed to correct this situation.  You can find a highly qualified eyelid plastic surgeon by looking on the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery website and use their directory to find someone close to home who can help you.

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