My eyes now look "bug eyed" after upper bleph. What can be done and what Surgeon is recommended? I'm in NY.

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Bug eyed appearance after blepharoplasty

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Often the 'bug-eyed' appearance after surgery is not only due to the upper eyelid, it is due to the position of the lower eyelid.

Many patients have congenitally forward set eyes, and surgery is particularly risky on these patients.

We do not perform conventional subciliary blepharoplasty on any patient because of the inherent downward pull on the lower eyelid and the rounding or lateral pulling this can cause.

Instead, we perform a subciliary cheek lift and often deliberately modify the lateral can thus, muscle roll, lower eyelid position, etc. as needed.

It's easier to give to the lower eyelid than it is to take from the lower eyelid.

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