My Eyes Have Become Uneven- Not Sure if It is my Eyes, Eyelids, Brows, Etc? (photo)

22yrs old with a large change in my eyes over the past 6-12mo. My eyes have always been great, but lately a huge change! Doctors checked orbitals and everything was normal! Ended up with a bad sinus infection which eventually went away but my uneven eyes are here to stay. Sagging eyelids are VERY prominant on both sides of my family, but it just seems to be happening so fast to me..any less invasive way to start seeing as i'm still quite young!? I've also had a lot of stress and rare aura migran

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Asymmetric Eyes in 22 Year Old Female

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Hi MelissaP,

You have already ruled out the most important aspect of eye asymmetry, that is having your orbits and area around your eyes checked by physicians to make sure that a growth is not responsible.

Many patients have asymmetry of the two sides of their face.  If you examine your face closely, you may find that one side of your face has more volume than the other.  This can give the perception that your eyes are different sizes.  It can be helped with fillers.  To lift your "sagging" brows at your young age, I would recommend a non-invasive approach with Ulthera ultrasound treatment.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P


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Asymmetrical eyebrows

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Asymmetry of the eyelids usually starts with asymmetric position of the eyebrows.  Surgery is not needed , but botox would be your best alternative

Eye and brow assymmetry are common concerns

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Everyone has a certain amount of assymmetry in their facial features, and we tend to notice it especially in our eyes and brows (paired features).  Judging from your photos, the degree of assymmetry that you have does not warrant treatment in the near future.  As you age, there will be further changes in the eyelid and brow postitions, and then it will be appropriate to consider injectables such as Botox, or even surgical options. In the meanwhile, you can treat swelling by avoiding salty foods, and applying cool compresses in the morning before using makeup. 

Pamela B. Rosen, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon

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