My Eyes Are Asymmetrical. Will This Heal? (photo)

One of my eye is slanted and the other's not. It seems like the eye without the slant seems to twitch on the bottom eyelid while the other does not. I'm still 13, but will this ever heal? Can I massage it to sooth twitching? I feel that if my nasal bridge (the bony part between my eyes) gets higher, the asymmetricalness will stand out less. Will my nasal bridge get higher as I age? (i'm a female)

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Will My Asymmetric Asian Eyelids Become More Symmetrical As I Age?

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There are two main anatomic variances that I see in the picture you provided which creates some of the asymmetry you are concerned about. 

Firstly, you have one large and one small orbit (the bones that contain the eyeball).  This is common in all races, but most often seen in Asian eyes.  Secondly, you have a larger epicanthic fold (the fold on the inner aspect of the eye connecting the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid) on one side.  This fold will not decrease in size as the bridge of your nose increases.  There is a surgical technique for correcting this fold called the "Jumping Man" technique. 

The cant or slant of your two eyes appear to be the same to me at the outer aspect of both eyelids, but on the one side with the larger epicanthic fold, I can see where you might consider this more slanted, and as I stated above, this can be surgically revised. 

I recommend you and your family seek a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon very experienced in the Asian upper eyelid.

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