What can I do to make my eyes look and feel better? (photo)

I am 37 and this is what my eyes look like. Very dark circles, sometimes swollen, often weepy not from tears, just fluid seepage, and wrinkles with sagging. Anything I can do to rejuvenate them, make the circles go away, get rid of the swelling, and dark circles, and prevent the seepage?

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Not the best photographs.

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However, it is clear that you would do great with under eye filler.  The challenge is finding an injector in your area who can provide you with the service.  You need to find someone who is fussy and detail oriented.  These services often do need adjustment so it is best if you can find someone close to home to do your service.  

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Sounds like you have a combination of functional and cosmetic issues

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From a cosmetic standpoint, we can see that you have some early age-related volume deflation of your eyelid-cheek junction.  I agree with Dr. Steinsapir that you would benefit from well-placed filler in this location.  However we can also see you have early skin aging changes that are causing the textural changes and wrinkles of your lower eyelids.  Fillers will not change this in a dramatic way, and so skin treatments, including optimizing your skin care regimen, and even considering peels or fractionated laser might be excellent solutions.

However, you also have tearing symptoms and eyelid swelling, that can indicate problems such as eye allergies, dry eye syndrome, poor eyelid tone/laxity, or even a blocked tear drain.  There are many eyelid situations discussed on this website that can be treated by a variety of surgeons that perform cosmetic surgery in the eyelid area, but for your case, I would suggest you seek out an ASOPRS certified oculoplastic surgeon who can effectively evaluate both the cosmetic and the functional aspects of your situation.

Lastly, I would be careful about any eyelid surgery in your case as traditional surgery to address your cosmetic complaints can severely exacerbate your functional symptoms. 

Good luck to you!

Tanuj Nakra, MD, FACS
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