What can i do with my eyes?

i had a surgery for my under eyes lid 7 months ado! now it leave me like this? what can i do?

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Lid retraction after eyelid surgery

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It looks as if you have some retraction of the lower lid.  It is difficult to be sure how this came about without seeing you in person and more photos including preops.  Now is a good time to consult with a surgeon in your area who has experience with revision lid surgery.  Typically this would be a plastic or Oculoplastic surgeon.  There are revisional procedures which can tighten it up again

Revisional eyelid surgery

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It appears you have lower eyelid retraction, post-blepharoplasty. It could be due to tight skin and/or scar or other factors. Revisional surgery is possible to lift the lower eyelid in a more natural position. See an oculoplastic specialist.

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