Are my Eyelids Asymmetrical Following Upper Blepharoplasty? (photo) If Yes, Should I Get Corrected?

I had upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) performed on March 29, 2012. I feel like my eyelids are asymmetrical. My left eye's eyelid arches a lot higher than that of my right eye, which is more flat and non-arched. Plus, the fold lines look like connect-the-dots where they are choppy/rigid lines connecting each other, versus an arched fluid line. Will those irregular, unnatural looking lines go away? Will I need a revision? If yes, how? Thanks for your professional advice! Lucy

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The upper eyelid creases are a bit asymmetrical.  But March 29, 2012 is very recent in terms of surgery.  So, be patient and check the symmetry with your doctor at six months.

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Asymmetric eyelids after surgery

  I see what you are talking about, I think.  But I did not see how you looked before your surgery and I cannot say whether you "need" a revision.  All of us are somewhat asymmetric and it is important to compare your preop appearance to your current photos.  I think you should discuss your concerns with your doctor.  My guess is that he or she would like to make you happy.

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Agree with you that the upper eyelid fold looks choppy.

Your surgeon took too much upper eyelid skin.  Also you have ptosis and this skin removal as left you with a very long looking upper eyelid.  The problem with having revisional surgery is that you need to heal a bit more.  Also find a surgeon who can help you is not easy.  The challenge is you were not able to find the right surgeon with the initial surgery and this suggests to me that you might very well have trouble finding a new surgeon.  

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Why Are My Upper Eyelids Asymmetric And How Can They Be Corrected?

In fact, your upper eyelids are asymmetric, but it would be important to see your pre-operative pictures to advise you.  Give it 6-12 months, then fat grafting to the left upper eyelid once the tissue has loosened should improve the symmetry with minimal surgery. 

Asymmetry post blephroplasty

Thank you for your question.

Its difficult to answer your question without the preop photos, however, yes i can some asymmetry in the upper eyelid folds. Which is normal to some extent to have a symmetry.

I advice you to massage the scar and keep following up with your surgeon.

its early to consider any revion, results still can change.

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