My eyelid seems to be uneven. What procedure do I need to fix it? (photo)

I am 20 years old and I think I had it since I was small, It makes me so depressed.. I really worried why I have it like that. Is there any way I could safely fix or make it less noticeable?

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You need a very careful assessment.

If you see someone and they spend less than 5 minutes examining you, you are in the wrong place.

First your left eye sits lower in the face than the right eye.  This type of asymmetry is normal.  This can cause a condition known as pseudoptosis.  You may have pseudootosis.  On the other hand, the left sulcus is more hollow than the right upper eyelid sulcus.  This is consistent with an anterior levator dehiscence ptosis.  Also you have about 1 mm of ptosis on the left side.  Complicating this is the question of latent ptosis on the right side.  You actually carry both eyebrows quite high with the left eyebrow a little higher than the right.  It would be interesting to determine if both sides are actually ptotic with brow compensation and a little more ptosis on the left side.  Once a clear diagnosis is made, it will be very clear what needs to be done surgically.

Most likely whatever is proposed will be elective, meaning that it would not be medically necessary to have the surgery proposed.  It would be your choice.

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