What Can I Do About my Uneven Eyelids?

I am 14 years old. I have uneven eyelids and due to that I feel self-conscious about my eyes. Recently I searched for my type of problem and the closest I have gotten was Orbital dystopia and asymmetry eyes. The thing is, right now my right eye is becoming mono but years ago I had very double eyelid and my left was mono-ish. Now it's the other way around and I just want them to become even. The left eye became double eyelid because it kept making it double while it was mono and it just stuck like that.

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Uneven Eyelids when Young

A proper analysis by a specialized oculofacial cosmetic surgeon, is necessary to determine the asymmetry of your eyes and what can be done to correct your uneven eyelids. As a Oculofacial Plastic & Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgeon super-specializing in eyelid surgery in New York, I gather it may result from ptosis, or drooping of the eyelid.

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Uneven eyelids

I can't comment on your case without at least a photo, but the most common reason in young people to have "uneven eyelids" is something call congenital ptosis or drooping of one eyelid (rarely both).  See an oculoplastic surgeon for help determining what the problem is and to receive counseling on treatment options.

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Uneven eyelids

Without seeing your eyelids, it makes it very difficult to determine what the best course of action would be. You can make a complimentary consultation to assist you with your issue.

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What Can I Do About my Uneven Eyelids?

The only way you can get an answer to this question is to see a specialist and have a thorough exam. Start with an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and he'll be able to diagnose your problem and tell you if anything is wrong.

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