Why is my eyelid looking and doing this? (photo)

im 21 female and my left eyes been looking a little droopy (what i call it) for a while now my eyelashes have also been thinning so im unsure if it looks this way due to the number of lashes lost or cause my lid is falling a little. it is also puffier then the right lid. ive had a couple of sti's in the left eye could it be from that? my eye looks squished like as well... i still can see fine its not covering my pupil. i have a photo to show for help my email is ariel.navarro22@yahoo.com

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Why is my eyelid looking and doing this? (photo)

This demonstrates "ptosis" whether a recent change or occurrence or genetic/family derived needs to be addressed in an IN PERSON visit to an opth or PS..

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Stye and eyelid ptosis

Your left upper eyelids seems to be droopy (ptosis). There may also be swelling present which could be due to stye or blepharitis. See an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation.

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