My Eyebrows have dropped drastically nearly covering my eyelids. I noticed this over night practically? (photo)

I do play video games a lot and I am always on the phone and computer through out the night its a bad habit and i really lose a lot of sleep because of it. but i was astonished to see my eyebrows sunk like this. and i read it could be neurological or a tumor so i'm really worked out and scared now.

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Male vs. Female Eyebrows Must Be Treated Differently With Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)

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Without a prior photo for comparison, it is really hard to determine the extent to which the eyebrows have actually fallen. After decades of experience in the aesthetics field I have come to fully appreciate how over critical some people can be of what they see staring back at them in the mirror. 

That having been said, if indeed there has been a downward decent and no medical condition to account for it, then it would worth discussing the use of a neuromodulator, such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin to help to realign the eyebrows. Consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with extensive experience should be sought, since there are important differences in how the male eyebrows must be treated in comparison to their female counterparts. 

For women, there should be an outward and upward flare of the outer third of the eyebrow. For men, such a change would feminize their look. Men's eyebrows must remain relatively horizontal and be positioned directly over the lower border of the upper portion of the bony orbit. In addition, the usually much stronger muscles of the male brow in this region must be treated with a greater amount of material in order to achieve the desired lift and straightening without inadvertently leading to further drooping. 

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