Why Are my Under Eye Wrinkles Worse After Laser Treatment?

I have minor fine lines under my eyes and went to see a cosmetic clinic and they suggested 3 treatments of endymed fsr to improve them, im 5 weeks post first treatment and I have develpod more fine lines! Is this normal after 1 treatment? As im meant to have 2 more treatments but worried it will make the area even worse, I was on the understanding laser is meant to improve lines and not make them worse? Im a 31yr old male - any advise would be welcomed

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Fractional Laser Resurfacing and Wrinkles

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Although I am not really familiar with the Endymed FSR, fractional resurfacing should improve wrinkles and fine lines. Every patient heals differently - some very quickly and some can take weeks to months from the same treatment. It is possible that you are still in the healing phase and will note improvement as time goes by. I would recommend that you return to the clinic that did your treatment and consult with the doctor there. I would do this before having a second treatment if you really think that your lines got worse or there are more of them.

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