What Should Be Done to my Eye my Left Eye is Smaller Than my Right Eye? (photo)

As you can see in the picture my left eye is slightly smaller than my other eye all I want is make them look even. And how much will the treartment cost?

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One Eye Appears Smaller Than the Other

You are accurate in thinking your eyes are a bit asymmetric. You've not mentioned your ethnicity, your upper lids have a definite "oriental" look meaning thaty you seem to have epicanthal folds, a slightly lower than usual medial canthus  and no upper lid crease. A well planned upper eyelid resection with creation of a crease and a well planned resection of the epicanthus would treat the problems you mentioned but it would also make your eyes more "western" rather than "oriental". If this is your goal any real Plastic Surgeon who has experience in eyelids should be able to address your requests.

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