Why Would my Eye Hallow After Injury?

Noticed increased hallowing of eye following injury to that area 3 years ago. No fracture noted on Xray 8 months after injury but waiting on CT. Chronic swelling in area below hallowing. Why has this area hallowed and what would be the causes of swelling years after injury? Had eye exam last week that was normal but experience dry eye on occasion.

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Why would the eye hollow after facial injury?

There are two common reasons why this might happen. The first would be a fracture of the floor or other wall of the eye socket that in essence makes the eye socket larger allowing the eye to sit lower, further back or both. The other possibility is that you can develop atrophy or fat loss following the injury that creates a more hollow look. The CT scan should be very helpful to figure out what's going on. It is typically the standard study done following facial trauma when the examination suggests and underlying fracture. I hope this information is helpful.

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Injury to fat

Sometimes after a severe injury to the eye region, a fracture of the eye socket occurs, and a plain x ray is not enough to detect a fracture. A CT scan will show if the eye socket is different than the other side.

Sometimes the fat in the eye socket can also shrink which can lead to the eye becoming more hollow.

A CT scan is the next step. There are surgical procedures available to help resolve this issue, should you be interested.

I would recommend an Oculoplastic surgeon or Craniofacial surgeon.

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