My Eye Doesn't Shut Completely 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty! Is It Normal?

I had a rhinoplasty two weeks ago, a day after the surgery i noticed that my eye dosnt shut completely. The situation didnt improve till now, should I worry?!

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Eye Doesn't Shut

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It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing you in person and examining your face – is only one eye affected?  You should see your surgeon if you are not able to close an eye.

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Can't Shut Eye Completely 2 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

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The inability to completely close your eye 2 weeks after rhinoplasty probably is secondary to excessive swelling because nothing is changed in the eyes with this operation.If you feel any  dryness and irritation of the eyes or visual problems use saline drops and eye ointment to avoid any injury to your cornea. I strongly recommend that you see your surgeon or an ophthalmologist ASAP.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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