Are my Expectations Realistic for a Revision of a Complicated Primary? (photo)

I had a primary to narrow my tip. Dr placed 8 grafts per op report (Columellar strut, alar batten, LC struts, radix, rims). I have disliked it for 5 yrs due to asymmetry, width, alar retraction. Many won't touch my nose bc of the excessive grafting & think the risk/reward is not good (e.g., I have LC struts already so they don't know what can fix the retraction). Also, the thick LC struts block my airway & I want them out. Can I be helped (see my imaging too) or is it unrealistic?

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Cause and effect of grafts in rhinoplasty

Your imaging is a bit unrealistic.  Decreasing the size of your nose further is possible, but would be at the expense of your breathing.  Removing the lateral crural strut grafts may result in collapse of your external nasal valves (nostrils).  Your alar retraction could be improved by using composite grafts, but probably not to the extent that you have imaged.  

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Revision Rhinoplasty

The ability to improve your nose to your desired result depends on the underlying anatomy, the placement of the different cartilage grafts, and the current condition of your nose.  Lowering the alar further may or may not be feasible depending on what has already been done and the current state of your nose.  Please consult with a facial plastic surgeon with a strong understanding of nasal anatomy who can assist you in revision rhinoplasty for your nose.

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Expectations and rhinoplasty

Your computer imaging looks great. However I think your expectations are a bit unreal. In my opinion, due to the number of grafts, and the previous surgery your chances of achieving your imaged photo are pretty low.

Michel Siegel, MD
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