Is my Expectation About What Rhinoplasty Can Do for Me Realistic? Is It Too Extreme? (photo)

I did a little something on photoshop to better show what I want to change in my nose. I want to refine my nose tip, make it look more feminine and less round. Also, notice how my left nostril is a little wider than the right? Can rhinoplasty fix that as well? Most importantly, will my nose look natural? People will be able to tell that I had a nose job? I don't want to have anything extreme done, so if you think this is a little too much.. do tell!

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Rhinoplasty expectations and "photoshop"

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Actually, your photoshop of your nose is quite achievable. You have made subtle refinements to make the tip slightly more femine and defined. Given your apparent skin type that result should be consistent with your expectations. I would bring the photos in for your rhinoplasty consult.

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Expectation About Rhinoplasty

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Based on your photos it appears that you would be a good candidate for surgery and your expectations appear realistic

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