How Much Will my Ethnic Thick-skinned Tip Drop? (photo)

I'm 11 days post-op. My surgeon is great: past president of AAFPRS, known for rhinoplasty, numerous media appearances, & has some ethnic patients in his before/after photos. I'm concerned my tip is over-rotated upward (nasolabial angle looks about 115 degrees). He said at follow-up today that since I have thick skin, he put a collumelar strut & tip grafts for definition & intentionally overcorrected bc my thick skin will "bring everything down" over time. See pic. How much will it come down?

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Tip rotation, counter-rotation after rhinoplasty

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You are extremely early post-op, so as expected you are intentionally over-rotated at this point.  I suspect your final angle will end up being between 95-105 degrees.  

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11 Days Post Op

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If anything your tip is under-rotated and you have a slight suprat-tip pollybeak. However, it is early in your postop recovery. You should give it another 4 to 6 months.



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