My ears look slaughtered. How will this heal? Need a second opinion.. I'm torn apart inside (Photo)

This is 5 days post op. I asked the doctor to pin my ears back, make my earlobes smaller and also reduce the size. He said he could do it, but that there would be some scar tissue.. I did expect them too look bad at first, but this looks horrible.. And what makes it worse is that I have to go back in a month for a touch up, which was his own idea. Which implicates to me that he also feels he didn't do a good job. He also said they will look better, but I really don't know what to expect.. :(

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My ears look slaughtered. How will this heal?

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Hello Methyleneblue,
The final result cannot be judged yet just 5 days after the operation. You should wait at least 3 months. It is correct that your doctor has asked you to return for a check-up. That is absolutely necessary with the type of invasive procedure that you had.

When I look at your pre-operative photos, then I ask myself why you had this procedure done. Although the top third of your ears is relatively large and your earlobes slightly longer than the average, you didn’t have any cosmetically disturbing variances pre-operatively on the whole. Your pre-operative ears belong to the normal variants. Now it is no longer reversible, but I think that when everything is healed, the right ear will present quite an acceptable result. The helix curve at the top of the left ear hasn’t turned out optimally. But as I’ve already said, you should first wait at least 3 months after the operation. Patients with ears and earlobes that are too big now have an alternative to the invasive, traditional method of otoplasty. With the new, minimally invasive stitch method, ears can be optically, markedly reduced and an optical reduction of the earlobes is also possible without cutting them open, by bending the antihelix fold more strongly with non-absorbable threads and pinning the earlobes closer to the head. This method does not leave any scars behind.

Germany Plastic Surgeon

Results in the immediate post-op period

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are very misleading and things will get better.  Stay with your surgeon whom you chose and let him/her help you through the recovery period.  Once you are healed, then you can be critical about the results and find a suitable solution with your surgeon.  Always remember that your surgeon does want the best result for you as well as reputations are based on happy patients.  If your surgeon refuses to help you achieve the result you anticipated, then get a second opinion.

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