My Ears Are a Different Shape to One Another After Otoplasty, Can This Poor Result Be Revised? (photo)

I had surgery 12 months ago to correct protruding ears but I am unhappy with the results. Previously my ears were the same shape but now the antihelix of the left ear is round whilst the antihelix of the right is straight, sharply bent and there is a strange ridge on it, the anti-tragus is positioned higher up on the left ear than the right, messy scars, and finally, I believe they are over-corrected (very close to my head). Please could you tell me whether my ears could be improved and how?

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Revision otoplasty for uneven ears 1 year post-op

Revision otoplasty can be performed on patients. It appear from the photos that the left ear was undercorrected in the upper part and is protruding. Also, the left ear is the one that appears more pointed and less rounded. You may just need correction of the left ear to include further repositioning of the helix/anti-helix with additional set back of the left ear. A thorough in person evaluation would be important to assess for accuracy prior to revision surgery.

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