I Have Had my Ears Pinned Back Its Been a Few Years Naw and Am Not Happy with Them At all I Feel They Stick out? (photo)

Ears i want to know if i can have them redone ad i am still not happy with my ears after having th done i just want normal ears an to be abel to put my hair up without worrying help please

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Pinning your ears back more after otoplasty done before

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Well based on your pictures it doesn't look like your ears are really sticking out very much. I think the ideal distance from your head is around an iris width or the colored part of your eye. You can get them more pinned back but this may be more than ideal if you are okay with that. You are the most important person in all of this though.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Goals of Otoplasty Revision Needed

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It is not clear based on your pictures as to what is your current dissatisfaction with your otoplasty result? What specifically would you do to your ears to make them appear better to you? That question is what a plastic surgeon would need to know when considering an otoplasty revision.

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