My Ears Are Not Normal, is It Possible to Change Them? (photo)

The top part of my ears (helix) are thicker than normal, although my left ear isn't as bad as my right ear which is probably just under 1cm thick. When I feel my right ear at the top it feels like there is extra skin what is not meant to be there. I am really paranoid about this and wondered what could be done about it and who I should go and see. Thanks.

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Prominent ears- how do you change them

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Prominent ears are changed with an otoplasty.  There is not a standard otoplasty approach so make sure you see someone with expertise in ear reshaping.  Often times, otoplasty can be performed in the office setting with little to no downtime.

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Prominent ears treated with an otoplasty

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Thank you for your question. Although your photographs are limited, it appears that you have prominent ears that can be treated with an otoplasty. The incision is made behind the ears and the cartilage can be partially removed, sutured and reshaped to create a more natural shape to your ears and have them not project out so far. It is generally not a complicated procedure and can be done under just local anesthesia. Be sure to see a qualified surgeon who is experienced on otoplasty surgery.

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My Ears Are Not Normal, is It Possible to Change Them?

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You appear to have prominent ears but the exact issue is difficult to diagnose with limited photographs. The ears can be safely reshaped with an otoplasty procedure. This can set the ears back closed to the head and create the natural fold in the ear which appears to be missing in your photos. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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