My Ears Are Gauged Incorrectly. Can They Be Fixed? (photo)

I have had my ears pierced since December of 2012 and I have been gauging them since. I. recently gauged them up to zeros and it is becoming more and more apparent that they are pierced in the wrong spot. They are too high up and if I gauge them again they will rip upward. Should I take them out? If I did take them out would I be able to gauge them again in the right spot? Please help!

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Ears gauged incorrectly can they be fixed

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You can change the position that it is gauged. It may require some type of surgery of course. You would have to discuss exactly what you want and a surgeon could help you.

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My Ears Are Gauged Incorrectly. Can They Be Fixed?

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The only option to change how your ears are gauged would involve removing the gauges, allowing your ears to heal and then repairing them. After allowing several months to heal, you could then have your ears re-gauged in a better position to prevent a blowout. I typically advise patients who have gone through gauged earlobe repair not to re-gauge their ears given the initial problems they experienced with their piercings. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen Weber MD, FACS   Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

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