My ear got ripped but not all the way through is there a way of thickening it back up? (photo)

My ears are stretched, and while trying to break up a fight that broke out at my work one of my ears got ripped. It is not all the way through, but it's pretty thin in one area. I still wish to keep my plugs so is there any way to thicken the area back up? I've been massaging it with vitamin e oil trying to move the upper fat down and it seems to have worked a little but not a lot.

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Stretched ear lobe

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Thank you for the photo.  It looks like you need to have that repaired.  We do this often under local anesthesia in the office.  Give your local facial plastic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon a call.  

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Torn ear lobes

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must be repaired as there is no way the skin is going to adhere to each other again.  A simple procedure in the office should remedy this and you should call around for fees as they will vary considerably.

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Repair of Thinned Portion of Stretched Earlobe

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-This thinned area of your stretched earlobe may be repaired in the office using a local anesthetic. 

-If you then give this repaired earlobe skin a few months to heal, you should be able to wear your plugs again.

-Find a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with gauged earlobes. 

-Thanks for sharing!  

My ear got ripped but not all the way through is there a way of thickening it back up?

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The only thing you can do is allow your ear to heal. If you continue to wear gauges, that tissue will remain relatively thin as it is today or become even more thin due to the pressure from the gauges. If this area continues to thin or blows out you can undergo and earlobe repair but this would prevent you from stretching your lobes or wearing gauges. 

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