I Had my Drains Removed 6 Days Post TT. Is This Too Soon?

Currently, I am 9 days post tt. i was putting out less than 20ccs of fluid before it came out. I'm having major swelling below my belly button. So much so that It hurts to stand up straight at times. Does this sound like a Possible seroma?

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Drain removla should be determined by your surgeon!

The decision on drain removal is made by your surgeon based on the number of amount of fluid collected in your drains. In some cases the removal of the drains can happen even as soon as two days after the procedure. Other patients keep their drains longer. The swelling you experience is probably normal, but you should check with your surgeon. It can take weeks before swelling will subside and you start feeling like your normal self again. You should be closely monitored by your surgeon at this point. More fluid can be found later on-small amounts will be absorbed by your body, but larger deposits have to be aspirated. Please make sure you ask questions and follow up with your surgeon on regular basis.

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Swelling after tummy tuck

The swelling and pain that you have could be completely normal or completely abnormal. It really all depends on the rest of your physical exam. It sounds as if the drains were removed at the right time, but you still could be developing a seroma. If there is a "fluid wave" or feels like there is a bag of water behind the skin, it is probably a seroma. This can be treated by drawing the fluid off with a needle or by replacing the drains. You might just have normal edema (swelling within the tissues) that simply needs time to resolve. The pain in the belly might be from the surgery still or could be an indication that something is wrong. Evaluation by your surgeon seems to be the next step.

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I Had my Drains Removed 6 Days Post TT. Is This Too Soon?

Six days is not too soon if the drainage is as low as you describe. 

However, that doesn't exclude the possibility that you now have a seroma. Call your surgeon for an appointment to be evaluated. All the best. 

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I Had my Drains Removed 6 Days Post TT. Is This Too Soon?

Drains are usually removed when the output is minimal. Some take drains out early and others leave in several weeks. You might have a seroma if the swelling has gotten worse. See your PS as you need an exam for a diagnosis.

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Massive swelling on tummy after drain removal

You need to see your surgeon ASAP... you are having a problem that demands attention and possible intervention by your surgeon.  If a simple seroma, it will eventually resolve with serial aspirations.  Get in touch with your surgeon.

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I Had my Drains Removed 6 Days Post TT. Is This Too Soon?

         I would recommend having your surgeon examine you as this is unlikely to be resolved by someone online. 



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