How Will I Know That my Dr is Performing a Wavefront Lasik Than a Traditional Lasik?

Hi drs. Hope ur all fine.. I will have my eye surgery on 23 of july. And the dr said i need a wavefront lasik than the traditional/conventional lasik procedure. And he ask me for a additional fee for that. I just wanna know, how will i know that my dr is performing a wave front lasik than the tradional lasik?

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How will I know That my Dr. is Performing WF LASIK

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The only way to know would be to ask your surgeon prior to the procedure.  If this is after the fact, a copy of the operative report should be able to tell you.  However, as a general rule, Wavefront treatment of some sort has been the preferred method of laser vision correction for nearly a decade.

Bowie Ophthalmologist

Standard vs Custom Wavefront Laser Vision Correction

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This question refers to, what I think, is becoming somewhat outdated terminology, but I will address it since it was asked. Customized Wavefront Laser Vision Correction(Lasik or PRK) refers to the surgeon using the individual variations in the shape of your cornea, and factoring that information into your laser procedure. This technology has been available in the U.S. for, at least, 10 years and longer in Europe. I do 100% of my Lasik and PRK cases using Customized technology. Standard Lasik and PRK does not take the individual nuances into account.


One of the reasons you have heard so much less regarding postoperative glare, halos, starbursts(they are all, roughly, the same complaint) in the past ten years is due to Custom Wavefront Lasik. I would ask the surgeon who performed the Lasik on your eyes. I can't think of many other reasons to opt for Standard Lasik or PRK in 2012 other than to save cost and, in my opinion, that is ridiculous. Why, when you have waited all of these years, and have only two God given eyes, would you opt for 2004 technology in 2012?

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Wavefront Lasek LASIK

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Ask him. Usually wavefront is a more expensive optioption ie upgrade. Beware VISX is true wavefront. Allegretto isn't so FDA made them say they're wavefront optimized instead

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

Wavefront Lasik

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You must ask the doctor. You can look afterward at the operative report printout from the laser, but that is after the fact.

Andrew Caster, MD
Los Angeles Ophthalmologist
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