My Dr Says I Have Hypersensitivity in my Breast is That Normal After 12 Days Post Op?

I had my surgery 12 days ago and I feel my breast very hot and tender. Like when I breastfed but constantly. I am very tolerant too pain since I had 3 child births with no anesthesia. I can't stand wearing sports bras but I can't go braless because it hurts. I have my breast moistured with collagen and elastin moisturizer too prevent stretch marks. what can I do?

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Hot and tender breast 12 days after surgery

Were a patient of mine to call me shortly after surgery with a hot and tender breast I would want to see her that day. Although most times it is not, it may be a sign of a breast implant infection which needs to be addressed promptly. 


As a separate issue, and once possible infection has been excluded as a likely diagnosis, your surgeon can prescribe for you a topical anesthetic to relieve the hypersensitivity, which is almost always a temporary problem.


Call your surgeon.  Best wishes.

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Nipple Hypersensitivity Not Uncommon After Augmentation

It is not uncommon at all to have hypersensitivity of nipples shortly after an augmentation (or after a reduction mammoplasty).  This due to irritation of the nerve from swelling, etc. and will almost always correct itself with time.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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