How Should my Dorsal Hump Be Reduced? (photo)

I would like to know how many ways are there to fix it and what's the best? Also does the hump have to be completely removed or can I just reduce it? I don't want a completely straight nose.. And what are the risks of this operation? what could go wrong? A friend of mine had hers removed and she ended up with swelling/bags under her eyes and it's been 5 months since she had it, and some marks on her nose like scratches, can this be avoided? I've included my photo for your reference.

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Hump reduction techniques

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There are many techniques and tools for reducing a nasal hump. Whats most important is that you have an honest discussion with your surgeon about what you want to achieve cosmetically. Computer imaging can really help with this. The post operative course can be unpredictable. All patients will experience bruising and swelling but the speed of recovery varies significantly from patient to patient.    Good luck!

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How to remove a dorsal hump

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There are several considerations that go into deciding how to reduce a dorsal hump. Check out my web reference below to see more details.

You don't have to have a completely straight nose if you don't want to; preoperative digital morphing with your surgeon should allow you to convey what look you're going for.

The approach used depends a lot on surgeon preference and whether other areas of your nose need to be addressed. Seeing additional views of your nose would help with this assessment.

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Reduction Of Nasal Bump

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Dear Deeh,


Your nasal bump can be removed with different techniques that only one will be the best fit for your case after examination.

Therefore, I believe that you would benefit consulting surgeons of extensive experience with rhinoplasties with whom you will communicate and make a well informed decision.

What your friend has gone through is most likely because of the aggressive approach her surgeon did use during her surgery as well as that she bruises more easily than others.

Arnica supplement could be taken in advance and after the surgery to reduce its impact on the surrounding tissue.

Please remember that commendable results require exceptionally skilled surgeons to perform the surgeries.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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