My Doctors VS Another Dr? 1 Months After BBL.

4 wks after my BBL my left butt cheek got hard, swollen & extremely painful to sit! I can feel a marble size area where it hurts most. I am now 6 wks & pain moved to my inner thigh. I feel sore. I don't have fever. I told my Dr many times about it & he INSISTS its ok. Concered I decided to see another PS & he said area is warm & swollen, possible infection. He pescribed antibiotics & told me to see my PS asap. Advise please? Infection? Necrosis? How r these treated & possible risk if NOT treated

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Pain and Hard Area 1 Month after Brazilian Buttlift

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   The pain and hard area may be fat necrosis, but the shifting nature of it suggests possible fluid collection or infection.  This cannot be solved in this forum, and I do think you need an exam by a plastic surgeon familiar with this surgery.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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