My Doctor Told Me Not to Massage my Subglandular Implants. Is He Right or Should I Massage Them?

I had to have subglandular implants for medical reasons, and my doctor told me I should not be massaging them. I've read that submuscular placement helps fight CC and Im worried that with no massage and the placement of my implants that I will develop CC.

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To Massage or Not To Massage

The bottom line is that you should do what your operating surgeon recommends.  There is no good evidence to support the idea that implant massage prevents capsular contracture.  Your surgeon must have a good reason to tell you not to massage.  If you have any doubts, ask them for their reasoning.

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Every practice is different,in our practice we do not recommend message. When implants are placed under the muscle your arm movement auto message every time you move.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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To Massage or Not to Massage Breast Implants: That is the Question!

Breast implants are available in both smooth and textured surfaces.  For my patients, I recommend massage for all patients with smooth implants, whether under or over the muscle.  This is because massage really does help reduce capsular contracture risk, especially early after surgery when the body is healing the pocket and tends to tighten around the implants.   If a patient has textured implants, many surgeons do not recommend massage.  I often still recommend massage with textured implants, especially when a patient wishes to have more movement and softness to the breast.  It is important to discuss the massage concept with your doctor and the advantages or disadvantages in your case.

Stephen Bresnick, MD
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Massage subglandular implants?

Personally I instruct my patients not to massage as well. We have a very low rate of capsular contractures in our practice and I do not want to increase the chance of implant displacement by massaging. This specifically applies to submuscular placement however. Likewise, your plastic surgeon undoubtably has specific reasons for his protocol.  I am sure he would be happy to explain these with you. Ask him!

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