My Doctor Told Me I Had "Bands" on my Neck. Does Ulterapy Really Help This Problem?

I don't have a double chin, or fat under my chin, but rather "bands" as described by my doctor. I am 61. Will Ulterapy really help tighten these "bands?" Thank you!

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Platysmaplaasty or submentoplasty

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Platysmaplasty or submentoplasty is more successful in dealing with such neck bands as you describe. 

I don't think the Ultherapy will improve this problem. 

Consult a plastic surgeon.

Read the Ultherapy book provided on the link below under the ebook section. 

Platysma neck bands may improve with Ultherapy

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I have seen patients' photographs by the Ulthera company in which some looked better, and some necks that did have much sagging, looked tighter and less saggy but in a few of those patients the bands then looked more prominent than before because they were hidden in the midst of the sagging skin.  Platysma (the muscle) bands may improve with Botox, although this is temporary and may last only a few to several months. I have personally noted good improvement both immediately with Ulthera and long term in some patients in their neck bands. I have also seen some not to improve much or all. There are some factors such as age and poor elasticity of the skin that can clue us before hand that there may not be significant improvment but there are other factors that are unknown for which we can't guarantee who will and who won't get tighter neck bands from the Ulthera. If one is adverse to having surgery, then there may not be a better option.  For those who are considering a neck lift, they can have it instead of the Ultheray, or if they don't want surgery immediately, then can try the Ultherapy first and this won't preclude them from having a surgical neck lift later.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Treatment for neck (platysmal) bands

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You are describing platysmal bands, a common finding in the "aging" neck.  They result when the platysma muscle sags.  There are several treatments.  In many patients, botox is an effective, albeit short-lasting, treatment for relaxing platysmal bands.  Plastic surgeons can tighten the platysmal surgically (submentoplasty).  Ultherapy actually does reach the platysma, as well as the overlying skin, and can give the right candidate a more youthful appearing neck contour. 

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Ultherapy not good for neck bands

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Though I can't say without seeing you, neck bands are typically due to an underlying muscle called the platysma. If what you have are two bands going from the chin down the middle of the neck, then nonsurgical treatments such as Ulthera will not address the problem since they focus more on skin lifting and firming.

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