Why is my Doctor Pushing Textured and my Boobs Are Not Saggy?

I have a 375 bag overfilled to 425cc under the muscle. I have cc on my right I am going for surgery to get 520cc gummy bear textured silicone under the muscle. I am 5'2 and 116 pounds with my natural boob being a 34 B. I want the 410 gummy bear he is saying no the textured, because he does not want them to fall into my bellybutton. Why Why Why??? The 410s are more money, so why? Also any one that is in love with there textured let me know please and thank you.

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Textured Implants and Falling Breasts

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    After placing hundreds and hundreds of smooth implants under the muscle, the implants have not fallen in any of my patients.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with using textured implants under the muscle.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

LOTS of controversy - "guumy bear implants, textured vs smooth,, etc.

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Your question deals with a lot of controversial topics.  I would suggest you see several plastic surgeons who frequently do revisions to get the answers to these questions.  While they may not always agree, the one that can give you logical answers and best of all, - show you pictures of HIS work on patients with problems similar to yours is the one you should choose to do your surgery.

There is no indication for texturized implants. They probably should be pulled off the market.

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Texturized implants were thought to decrease the risk of capsular contracture.  They don't.  They also have a higher failure rate.  I see no reason to ever use texturized implants.

Each surgeon has preferences

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If you feel that your surgeon pushing a certain implant ,you should ask your surgeon the reason. If you have capsular contracture,the treatment is not going bigger which will make it more complicated. The result of the breast augmentation depends more on the surgeons skill than the kind of implants. 


Gummy bear implants

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First off, if your surgeon has access to the 410, then he has to be pretty familiar with the implants. This is because they are only available to a few surgeons in each area who are on a closed study the FDA/companies have been running. 

Secondly, it doesn't make sense that textured implants would fall, this is the main reason they are textured among others. 

I have to ask though, if going to such a large implant with such a small frame is a good idea. This will only put more strain on the tissue and predispose to more problems down the road. I would sit down with your doctor and outline the pros/cons and desires so everyone is on the same page. 

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