My Doctor Says Kenalog Injections Are Risky but I Suspect Excess Scar Tissue Forming Around an Implant; Can Prednisone Help?

I am 3 months post-op & have had some setbacks. I have a ball under my tip/Medpor graft & on my dorsum due to a bump 6 weeks ago; it's stayed/swells up when the nose does. Surgeon said the risks of kenalog (esp. w/ my implant) make it worthless to me. The implant is intact, no infection;can I take a low dose (4 mg/day) of prednisone spread out over a week or so instead of a full dose pack to head off swelling?I know it will take 6 months to see the "new" nose, but I would like a good outcome.

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Swelling after nasal implant

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You have had a rhinoplasty with Medpor implant - then a bump that caused swelling.

Your surgeon is 100% correct. No steroids! Steroids cause many problems.

  • injected into the swelling, they can cause infection and loss of the implant,
  • taken by mouth, they also increase infection and swelling returns steroids stop.
  • Swelling after rhinoplasty is a natural process that cannot be hurried.
  • Your surgeon is wise. Take his/her advice.

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