My Doctor Did Not Give Me Any Aftercare Instructions for Mole Removal Except to Use Neosporin for a Week, Please Advise?

I got a mole on my chin at the side along my jawline removed. It was shaved off & then he even removed the bottom of it. Don't know the technical terms but I got stitches as it was fully removed. My doctor said to keep applying Neosporin for one week and then see him in 6 days to remove the stitches, once they were out I asked him how to care for it the best I can so as to ensure as minimal a scar as possible. But he said I don't need anything as mine is very light. What can I do/apply/follow?

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Post op mole removal care


Post operative care is quite variable between surgeons.  I would go with what your surgeon has told you. 

I normally cover my wound for 2 days with a micropore  dressing and ask that they are kept dry.  Then I ask that the dressings are removed and have a normal shower or bath and replace the micropore dressings on a daily basis till the sutures are removed.  After 4 weeks of this, I then request that the patient applies a vitamin E, sorbelene or bio-oil and massage the area to aid scar breakdown and healing.


Stephen Salerno

Postop care after mole removal

I agree with your doctor's recommendations.  There are real misconceptions out there about the need for patients to somehow be involved with their own care, particularly in the early postop period.  The best thing you can do is apply Neosporin and a bandaid, as directed by your surgeon, and otherwise leave it alone! After the sutures are removed, you should use sunscreen for the remainder of the summer and watch for signs of hypertrophy.  This should not be treated prophylactically because treatment itself is not without consequences.  Best wishes.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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