My doc did a revision without correcting the pockets. one implant is over & one under. How do I get him to fix this on his dime?

Doctor did not change the breast pockets in my revision surgery. Now he says in three months he can let out the stitching on the right (under the muscle) to hopefully make it look more even with the left (over the muscle). How can I get him to take responsibility for a poor revision and actually correct the pockets! One over and one under is NOT ok! The other option is to take them out, but I came it him to fix my asymmetry, not to lose my breasts altogether! His staff says I can't get my $ back

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This is a difficult answer to give as there is alot of preoperative information and discussions with your surgeon that are missing like why one is infront and the other behind. Looking at the photos though the higher implant may drop with time so they will be more symmetric. I would wait till then before having a discussion regarding potential fees with my surgeon

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