Is my Deviated Septum Back?

Hello, I had a Septoplasty done 3 months ago. Yesterday, I bumped my nose with my notebook computer and had a one minute brief episode of pain and numbing of the teeth. Being paranoid, I thought I may have ruined the surgery. My left nostril is more congested (not sure if this is due to the nasal cycle) and when I use my fingers to feel the septum, it feels more convex on the left and is moveable in the sense that I can take away the convexity. Should I be concerned with this? Thank you! Chris

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Post Septoplasty Trauma

 Dear Chris, It is always a good idea after any trauma during the recovery phase to make an appointment so your surgeon may do a direct examination on you and provide a proper diagnosis. I would stay away from using your fingers to feel the septum and allow the examination to be made by your surgeon. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Return of deviated septum after trauma

Given your symptoms since injuring your nose I'd suggest you head back to your surgeon to have your nose examined. That's the only way to really tell if your septum is deviated again.

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Septoplasty surgery for breathing problems

Dear cp3340,

  • I agree with the other physician that you should see your surgeon for an exam
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry


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