My Derm Prescribed Me Tretinoin .1% Cream, but I Have Retin a Micro .04% Gel, is There a Difference?

Can I use micro gel .04 instead of tretinoin cream .1%, is there any difference.

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Differences between two retinoids for acne

Gels are usually stronger and more drying than creams but the concentration and the formulation of the medication is also very important.

Retin A micro has extended release spheres that deliver the medication more slowly and is often less irritating than other formulations.

If you have the 0.04% Retin A micro gel, I don't see a problem using it.  With all retinoids you want to start slowly, twice a week at night time and build up to every night gradually, increasing the number of days every week as long as you are not irritated by the medication.

It's also important to use good sun protection as retinoids do make your skin more sun sensitive.

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